Data Fields
e1000_mac_operations Struct Reference

#include <igbvf_vf.h>

Data Fields

s32(* init_params )(struct e1000_hw *)
s32(* check_for_link )(struct e1000_hw *)
void(* clear_vfta )(struct e1000_hw *)
s32(* get_bus_info )(struct e1000_hw *)
s32(* get_link_up_info )(struct e1000_hw *, u16 *, u16 *)
void(* update_mc_addr_list )(struct e1000_hw *, u8 *, u32)
s32(* reset_hw )(struct e1000_hw *)
s32(* init_hw )(struct e1000_hw *)
s32(* setup_link )(struct e1000_hw *)
void(* write_vfta )(struct e1000_hw *, u32, u32)
void(* mta_set )(struct e1000_hw *, u32)
void(* rar_set )(struct e1000_hw *, u8 *, u32)
s32(* read_mac_addr )(struct e1000_hw *)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 207 of file igbvf_vf.h.

Field Documentation

◆ init_params

s32(* e1000_mac_operations::init_params) (struct e1000_hw *)

Definition at line 209 of file igbvf_vf.h.

Referenced by igbvf_sw_init().

◆ check_for_link

s32(* e1000_mac_operations::check_for_link) (struct e1000_hw *)

Definition at line 210 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ clear_vfta

void(* e1000_mac_operations::clear_vfta) (struct e1000_hw *)

Definition at line 211 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ get_bus_info

s32(* e1000_mac_operations::get_bus_info) (struct e1000_hw *)

Definition at line 212 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ get_link_up_info

s32(* e1000_mac_operations::get_link_up_info) (struct e1000_hw *, u16 *, u16 *)

Definition at line 213 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ update_mc_addr_list

void(* e1000_mac_operations::update_mc_addr_list) (struct e1000_hw *, u8 *, u32)

Definition at line 214 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ reset_hw

s32(* e1000_mac_operations::reset_hw) (struct e1000_hw *)

Definition at line 215 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ init_hw

s32(* e1000_mac_operations::init_hw) (struct e1000_hw *)

Definition at line 216 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ setup_link

s32(* e1000_mac_operations::setup_link) (struct e1000_hw *)

Definition at line 217 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ write_vfta

void(* e1000_mac_operations::write_vfta) (struct e1000_hw *, u32, u32)

Definition at line 218 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ mta_set

void(* e1000_mac_operations::mta_set) (struct e1000_hw *, u32)

Definition at line 219 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ rar_set

void(* e1000_mac_operations::rar_set) (struct e1000_hw *, u8 *, u32)

Definition at line 220 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ read_mac_addr

s32(* e1000_mac_operations::read_mac_addr) (struct e1000_hw *)

Definition at line 221 of file igbvf_vf.h.

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