Data Fields
iscsi_nop_in Struct Reference

iSCSI NOP-In basic header segment More...

#include <iscsi.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t opcode
 Opcode. More...
uint8_t reserved_a [3]
 Reserved. More...
union iscsi_segment_lengths lengths
 Segment lengths. More...
struct scsi_lun lun
 Logical Unit Number. More...
uint32_t itt
 Initiator Task Tag. More...
uint32_t ttt
 Target Transfer Tag. More...
uint32_t statsn
 Status sequence number. More...
uint32_t expcmdsn
 Expected command sequence number. More...
uint32_t maxcmdsn
 Maximum command sequence number. More...
uint8_t reserved_b [12]
 Reserved. More...

Detailed Description

iSCSI NOP-In basic header segment

Definition at line 476 of file iscsi.h.

Field Documentation

◆ opcode

uint8_t iscsi_nop_in::opcode


Definition at line 478 of file iscsi.h.

◆ reserved_a

uint8_t iscsi_nop_in::reserved_a[3]


Definition at line 480 of file iscsi.h.

◆ lengths

union iscsi_segment_lengths iscsi_nop_in::lengths

Segment lengths.

Definition at line 482 of file iscsi.h.

◆ lun

struct scsi_lun iscsi_nop_in::lun

Logical Unit Number.

Definition at line 484 of file iscsi.h.

◆ itt

uint32_t iscsi_nop_in::itt

Initiator Task Tag.

Definition at line 486 of file iscsi.h.

◆ ttt

uint32_t iscsi_nop_in::ttt

Target Transfer Tag.

Definition at line 488 of file iscsi.h.

Referenced by iscsi_rx_nop_in().

◆ statsn

uint32_t iscsi_nop_in::statsn

Status sequence number.

Definition at line 490 of file iscsi.h.

◆ expcmdsn

uint32_t iscsi_nop_in::expcmdsn

Expected command sequence number.

Definition at line 492 of file iscsi.h.

◆ maxcmdsn

uint32_t iscsi_nop_in::maxcmdsn

Maximum command sequence number.

Definition at line 494 of file iscsi.h.

◆ reserved_b

uint8_t iscsi_nop_in::reserved_b[12]


Definition at line 496 of file iscsi.h.

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