Data Fields
myri10ge_dma_buffers Struct Reference

Data Fields

mcp_slot_t receive_completion [1+MYRI10GE_RECEIVE_COMPLETION_WRAP]
mcp_irq_data_t irq_data
mcp_cmd_response_t command_response

Detailed Description

Definition at line 127 of file myri10ge.c.

Field Documentation

◆ receive_completion

mcp_slot_t myri10ge_dma_buffers::receive_completion[1+MYRI10GE_RECEIVE_COMPLETION_WRAP]

Definition at line 131 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ irq_data

mcp_irq_data_t myri10ge_dma_buffers::irq_data

Definition at line 135 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ command_response

mcp_cmd_response_t myri10ge_dma_buffers::command_response

Definition at line 139 of file myri10ge.c.

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