Data Fields
rtl818x_priv Struct Reference

#include <rtl818x.h>

Data Fields

struct rtl818x_csrmap
const struct rtl818x_rf_opsrf
int rf_flag
int hw_rate
int hw_rtscts_rate
struct spi_bit_basher spibit
struct spi_device eeprom
struct rtl818x_rx_descrx_ring
u32 rx_ring_dma
unsigned int rx_idx
struct io_bufferrx_buf [RTL818X_RX_RING_SIZE]
struct rtl818x_tx_desctx_ring
u32 tx_ring_dma
unsigned int tx_cons
unsigned int tx_prod
struct io_buffertx_buf [RTL818X_TX_RING_SIZE]
struct pci_devicepdev
u32 rx_conf
u16 txpower [14]
int r8185
u32 anaparam
u16 rfparam
u8 csthreshold

Detailed Description

Definition at line 280 of file rtl818x.h.

Field Documentation

◆ map

struct rtl818x_csr* rtl818x_priv::map

Definition at line 281 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ rf

const struct rtl818x_rf_ops* rtl818x_priv::rf

Definition at line 282 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ rf_flag

int rtl818x_priv::rf_flag

Definition at line 283 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ hw_rate

int rtl818x_priv::hw_rate

Definition at line 284 of file rtl818x.h.

Referenced by rtl818x_config().

◆ hw_rtscts_rate

int rtl818x_priv::hw_rtscts_rate

Definition at line 285 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ spibit

struct spi_bit_basher rtl818x_priv::spibit

Definition at line 287 of file rtl818x.h.

Referenced by rtl818x_spi_read_bit(), and rtl818x_spi_write_bit().

◆ eeprom

struct spi_device rtl818x_priv::eeprom

Definition at line 288 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ rx_ring

struct rtl818x_rx_desc* rtl818x_priv::rx_ring

Definition at line 290 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ rx_ring_dma

u32 rtl818x_priv::rx_ring_dma

Definition at line 291 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ rx_idx

unsigned int rtl818x_priv::rx_idx

Definition at line 292 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ rx_buf

struct io_buffer* rtl818x_priv::rx_buf[RTL818X_RX_RING_SIZE]

Definition at line 293 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ tx_ring

struct rtl818x_tx_desc* rtl818x_priv::tx_ring

Definition at line 295 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ tx_ring_dma

u32 rtl818x_priv::tx_ring_dma

Definition at line 296 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ tx_cons

unsigned int rtl818x_priv::tx_cons

Definition at line 297 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ tx_prod

unsigned int rtl818x_priv::tx_prod

Definition at line 298 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ tx_buf

struct io_buffer* rtl818x_priv::tx_buf[RTL818X_TX_RING_SIZE]

Definition at line 299 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ pdev

struct pci_device* rtl818x_priv::pdev

Definition at line 301 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ rx_conf

u32 rtl818x_priv::rx_conf

Definition at line 302 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ txpower

u16 rtl818x_priv::txpower[14]

Definition at line 304 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ r8185

int rtl818x_priv::r8185

Definition at line 306 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ anaparam

u32 rtl818x_priv::anaparam

Definition at line 307 of file rtl818x.h.

Referenced by grf5101_rf_stop(), and sa2400_rf_init().

◆ rfparam

u16 rtl818x_priv::rfparam

Definition at line 308 of file rtl818x.h.

◆ csthreshold

u8 rtl818x_priv::csthreshold

Definition at line 309 of file rtl818x.h.

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