Data Fields
tg3_ethtool_stats Struct Reference

#include <tg3.h>

Data Fields

u64 rx_octets
u64 rx_fragments
u64 rx_ucast_packets
u64 rx_mcast_packets
u64 rx_bcast_packets
u64 rx_fcs_errors
u64 rx_align_errors
u64 rx_xon_pause_rcvd
u64 rx_xoff_pause_rcvd
u64 rx_mac_ctrl_rcvd
u64 rx_xoff_entered
u64 rx_frame_too_long_errors
u64 rx_jabbers
u64 rx_undersize_packets
u64 rx_in_length_errors
u64 rx_out_length_errors
u64 rx_64_or_less_octet_packets
u64 rx_65_to_127_octet_packets
u64 rx_128_to_255_octet_packets
u64 rx_256_to_511_octet_packets
u64 rx_512_to_1023_octet_packets
u64 rx_1024_to_1522_octet_packets
u64 rx_1523_to_2047_octet_packets
u64 rx_2048_to_4095_octet_packets
u64 rx_4096_to_8191_octet_packets
u64 rx_8192_to_9022_octet_packets
u64 tx_octets
u64 tx_collisions
u64 tx_xon_sent
u64 tx_xoff_sent
u64 tx_flow_control
u64 tx_mac_errors
u64 tx_single_collisions
u64 tx_mult_collisions
u64 tx_deferred
u64 tx_excessive_collisions
u64 tx_late_collisions
u64 tx_collide_2times
u64 tx_collide_3times
u64 tx_collide_4times
u64 tx_collide_5times
u64 tx_collide_6times
u64 tx_collide_7times
u64 tx_collide_8times
u64 tx_collide_9times
u64 tx_collide_10times
u64 tx_collide_11times
u64 tx_collide_12times
u64 tx_collide_13times
u64 tx_collide_14times
u64 tx_collide_15times
u64 tx_ucast_packets
u64 tx_mcast_packets
u64 tx_bcast_packets
u64 tx_carrier_sense_errors
u64 tx_discards
u64 tx_errors
u64 dma_writeq_full
u64 dma_write_prioq_full
u64 rxbds_empty
u64 rx_discards
u64 rx_errors
u64 rx_threshold_hit
u64 dma_readq_full
u64 dma_read_prioq_full
u64 tx_comp_queue_full
u64 ring_set_send_prod_index
u64 ring_status_update
u64 nic_irqs
u64 nic_avoided_irqs
u64 nic_tx_threshold_hit
u64 mbuf_lwm_thresh_hit

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2863 of file tg3.h.

Field Documentation

◆ rx_octets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_octets

Definition at line 2865 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_fragments

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_fragments

Definition at line 2866 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_ucast_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_ucast_packets

Definition at line 2867 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_mcast_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_mcast_packets

Definition at line 2868 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_bcast_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_bcast_packets

Definition at line 2869 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_fcs_errors

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_fcs_errors

Definition at line 2870 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_align_errors

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_align_errors

Definition at line 2871 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_xon_pause_rcvd

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_xon_pause_rcvd

Definition at line 2872 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_xoff_pause_rcvd

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_xoff_pause_rcvd

Definition at line 2873 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_mac_ctrl_rcvd

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_mac_ctrl_rcvd

Definition at line 2874 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_xoff_entered

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_xoff_entered

Definition at line 2875 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_frame_too_long_errors

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_frame_too_long_errors

Definition at line 2876 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_jabbers

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_jabbers

Definition at line 2877 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_undersize_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_undersize_packets

Definition at line 2878 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_in_length_errors

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_in_length_errors

Definition at line 2879 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_out_length_errors

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_out_length_errors

Definition at line 2880 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_64_or_less_octet_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_64_or_less_octet_packets

Definition at line 2881 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_65_to_127_octet_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_65_to_127_octet_packets

Definition at line 2882 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_128_to_255_octet_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_128_to_255_octet_packets

Definition at line 2883 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_256_to_511_octet_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_256_to_511_octet_packets

Definition at line 2884 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_512_to_1023_octet_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_512_to_1023_octet_packets

Definition at line 2885 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_1024_to_1522_octet_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_1024_to_1522_octet_packets

Definition at line 2886 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_1523_to_2047_octet_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_1523_to_2047_octet_packets

Definition at line 2887 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_2048_to_4095_octet_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_2048_to_4095_octet_packets

Definition at line 2888 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_4096_to_8191_octet_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_4096_to_8191_octet_packets

Definition at line 2889 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_8192_to_9022_octet_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_8192_to_9022_octet_packets

Definition at line 2890 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_octets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_octets

Definition at line 2893 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collisions

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collisions

Definition at line 2894 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_xon_sent

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_xon_sent

Definition at line 2895 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_xoff_sent

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_xoff_sent

Definition at line 2896 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_flow_control

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_flow_control

Definition at line 2897 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_mac_errors

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_mac_errors

Definition at line 2898 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_single_collisions

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_single_collisions

Definition at line 2899 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_mult_collisions

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_mult_collisions

Definition at line 2900 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_deferred

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_deferred

Definition at line 2901 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_excessive_collisions

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_excessive_collisions

Definition at line 2902 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_late_collisions

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_late_collisions

Definition at line 2903 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_2times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_2times

Definition at line 2904 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_3times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_3times

Definition at line 2905 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_4times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_4times

Definition at line 2906 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_5times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_5times

Definition at line 2907 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_6times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_6times

Definition at line 2908 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_7times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_7times

Definition at line 2909 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_8times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_8times

Definition at line 2910 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_9times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_9times

Definition at line 2911 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_10times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_10times

Definition at line 2912 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_11times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_11times

Definition at line 2913 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_12times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_12times

Definition at line 2914 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_13times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_13times

Definition at line 2915 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_14times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_14times

Definition at line 2916 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_collide_15times

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_collide_15times

Definition at line 2917 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_ucast_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_ucast_packets

Definition at line 2918 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_mcast_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_mcast_packets

Definition at line 2919 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_bcast_packets

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_bcast_packets

Definition at line 2920 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_carrier_sense_errors

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_carrier_sense_errors

Definition at line 2921 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_discards

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_discards

Definition at line 2922 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_errors

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_errors

Definition at line 2923 of file tg3.h.

◆ dma_writeq_full

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::dma_writeq_full

Definition at line 2926 of file tg3.h.

◆ dma_write_prioq_full

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::dma_write_prioq_full

Definition at line 2927 of file tg3.h.

◆ rxbds_empty

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rxbds_empty

Definition at line 2928 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_discards

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_discards

Definition at line 2929 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_errors

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_errors

Definition at line 2930 of file tg3.h.

◆ rx_threshold_hit

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::rx_threshold_hit

Definition at line 2931 of file tg3.h.

◆ dma_readq_full

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::dma_readq_full

Definition at line 2934 of file tg3.h.

◆ dma_read_prioq_full

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::dma_read_prioq_full

Definition at line 2935 of file tg3.h.

◆ tx_comp_queue_full

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::tx_comp_queue_full

Definition at line 2936 of file tg3.h.

◆ ring_set_send_prod_index

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::ring_set_send_prod_index

Definition at line 2939 of file tg3.h.

◆ ring_status_update

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::ring_status_update

Definition at line 2940 of file tg3.h.

◆ nic_irqs

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::nic_irqs

Definition at line 2941 of file tg3.h.

◆ nic_avoided_irqs

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::nic_avoided_irqs

Definition at line 2942 of file tg3.h.

◆ nic_tx_threshold_hit

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::nic_tx_threshold_hit

Definition at line 2943 of file tg3.h.

◆ mbuf_lwm_thresh_hit

u64 tg3_ethtool_stats::mbuf_lwm_thresh_hit

Definition at line 2945 of file tg3.h.

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