Data Fields
vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg Struct Reference

#include <vxge_reg.h>

Data Fields

u8 unused00040 [0x00040-0x00000]
u64 vpath_to_func_map_cfg1
u64 vpath_is_first
u64 srpcim_to_vpath_wmsg
u64 srpcim_to_vpath_wmsg_trig
u8 unused00100 [0x00100-0x00060]
u64 tim_vpath_assignment
u8 unused00140 [0x00140-0x00108]
u64 rqa_top_prty_for_vp
u8 unused001c0 [0x001c0-0x00148]
u64 rxmac_rx_pa_cfg0_vpmgmt_clone
u64 rts_mgr_cfg0_vpmgmt_clone
u64 rts_mgr_criteria_priority_vpmgmt_clone
u64 rxmac_cfg0_port_vpmgmt_clone [3]
u64 rxmac_pause_cfg_port_vpmgmt_clone [3]
u8 unused00240 [0x00240-0x00208]
u64 xmac_vsport_choices_vp
u8 unused00260 [0x00260-0x00248]
u64 xgmac_gen_status_vpmgmt_clone
u64 xgmac_status_port_vpmgmt_clone [2]
u64 xmac_gen_cfg_vpmgmt_clone
u64 xmac_timestamp_vpmgmt_clone
u64 xmac_stats_gen_cfg_vpmgmt_clone
u64 xmac_cfg_port_vpmgmt_clone [3]
u8 unused002c0 [0x002c0-0x002a8]
u64 txmac_gen_cfg0_vpmgmt_clone
u64 txmac_cfg0_port_vpmgmt_clone [3]
u8 unused00300 [0x00300-0x002e0]
u64 wol_mp_crc
u64 wol_mp_mask_a
u64 wol_mp_mask_b
u8 unused00360 [0x00360-0x00318]
u64 fau_pa_cfg_vpmgmt_clone
u64 rx_datapath_util_vp_clone
u8 unused00380 [0x00380-0x00370]
u64 tx_datapath_util_vp_clone

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3837 of file vxge_reg.h.

Field Documentation

◆ unused00040

u8 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::unused00040[0x00040-0x00000]

Definition at line 3839 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ vpath_to_func_map_cfg1

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::vpath_to_func_map_cfg1

Definition at line 3841 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ vpath_is_first

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::vpath_is_first

Definition at line 3844 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ srpcim_to_vpath_wmsg

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::srpcim_to_vpath_wmsg

Definition at line 3846 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ srpcim_to_vpath_wmsg_trig

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::srpcim_to_vpath_wmsg_trig

Definition at line 3849 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ unused00100

u8 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::unused00100[0x00100-0x00060]

Definition at line 3852 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ tim_vpath_assignment

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::tim_vpath_assignment

Definition at line 3854 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ unused00140

u8 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::unused00140[0x00140-0x00108]

Definition at line 3856 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ rqa_top_prty_for_vp

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::rqa_top_prty_for_vp

Definition at line 3858 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ unused001c0

u8 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::unused001c0[0x001c0-0x00148]

Definition at line 3861 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ rxmac_rx_pa_cfg0_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::rxmac_rx_pa_cfg0_vpmgmt_clone

Definition at line 3863 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ rts_mgr_cfg0_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::rts_mgr_cfg0_vpmgmt_clone

Definition at line 3886 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ rts_mgr_criteria_priority_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::rts_mgr_criteria_priority_vpmgmt_clone

Definition at line 3897 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ rxmac_cfg0_port_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::rxmac_cfg0_port_vpmgmt_clone[3]

Definition at line 3916 of file vxge_reg.h.

Referenced by vxge_hw_vpath_strip_fcs_check().

◆ rxmac_pause_cfg_port_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::rxmac_pause_cfg_port_vpmgmt_clone[3]

Definition at line 3927 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ unused00240

u8 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::unused00240[0x00240-0x00208]

Definition at line 3944 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ xmac_vsport_choices_vp

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::xmac_vsport_choices_vp

Definition at line 3946 of file vxge_reg.h.

Referenced by __vxge_hw_vpath_initialize().

◆ unused00260

u8 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::unused00260[0x00260-0x00248]

Definition at line 3948 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ xgmac_gen_status_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::xgmac_gen_status_vpmgmt_clone

Definition at line 3950 of file vxge_reg.h.

Referenced by __vxge_hw_vpath_mgmt_read().

◆ xgmac_status_port_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::xgmac_status_port_vpmgmt_clone[2]

Definition at line 3954 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ xmac_gen_cfg_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::xmac_gen_cfg_vpmgmt_clone

Definition at line 3961 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ xmac_timestamp_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::xmac_timestamp_vpmgmt_clone

Definition at line 3971 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ xmac_stats_gen_cfg_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::xmac_stats_gen_cfg_vpmgmt_clone

Definition at line 3979 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ xmac_cfg_port_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::xmac_cfg_port_vpmgmt_clone[3]

Definition at line 3985 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ unused002c0

u8 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::unused002c0[0x002c0-0x002a8]

Definition at line 3991 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ txmac_gen_cfg0_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::txmac_gen_cfg0_vpmgmt_clone

Definition at line 3993 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ txmac_cfg0_port_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::txmac_cfg0_port_vpmgmt_clone[3]

Definition at line 3995 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ unused00300

u8 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::unused00300[0x00300-0x002e0]

Definition at line 3999 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ wol_mp_crc

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::wol_mp_crc

Definition at line 4001 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ wol_mp_mask_a

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::wol_mp_mask_a

Definition at line 4004 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ wol_mp_mask_b

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::wol_mp_mask_b

Definition at line 4006 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ unused00360

u8 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::unused00360[0x00360-0x00318]

Definition at line 4008 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ fau_pa_cfg_vpmgmt_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::fau_pa_cfg_vpmgmt_clone

Definition at line 4010 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ rx_datapath_util_vp_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::rx_datapath_util_vp_clone

Definition at line 4014 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ unused00380

u8 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::unused00380[0x00380-0x00370]

Definition at line 4023 of file vxge_reg.h.

◆ tx_datapath_util_vp_clone

u64 vxge_hw_vpmgmt_reg::tx_datapath_util_vp_clone

Definition at line 4025 of file vxge_reg.h.

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