Data Fields
mschapv2_password_hash Union Reference

MS-CHAPv2 password hash. More...

Data Fields

uint8_t md4 [MD4_DIGEST_SIZE]
 MD4 digest. More...
uint8_t sha1 [SHA1_DIGEST_SIZE]
 SHA-1 digest. More...
uint8_t des [3][DES_BLOCKSIZE]
 DES keys. More...
uint8_t expand [3 *DES_BLOCKSIZE]
 DES key expansion. More...

Detailed Description

MS-CHAPv2 password hash.

MS-CHAPv2 calculates the MD4 digest of an unspecified two-byte little-endian Unicode encoding (presumably either UCS-2LE or UTF-16LE) of the password.

For constructing the challenge response, the MD4 digest is then zero-padded to 21 bytes and used as three separate 56-bit DES keys.

For constructing the authenticator response, the MD4 digest is then used as an input to a SHA-1 digest along with the NT response and a magic constant.

Definition at line 87 of file mschapv2.c.

Field Documentation

◆ md4

uint8_t mschapv2_password_hash::md4[MD4_DIGEST_SIZE]

MD4 digest.

Definition at line 89 of file mschapv2.c.

Referenced by mschapv2_auth(), mschapv2_hash_hash(), and mschapv2_password_hash().

◆ sha1

uint8_t mschapv2_password_hash::sha1[SHA1_DIGEST_SIZE]

SHA-1 digest.

Definition at line 91 of file mschapv2.c.

Referenced by mschapv2_auth().

◆ des

uint8_t mschapv2_password_hash::des[3][DES_BLOCKSIZE]

DES keys.

Definition at line 93 of file mschapv2.c.

Referenced by mschapv2_challenge_response().

◆ expand

uint8_t mschapv2_password_hash::expand[3 *DES_BLOCKSIZE]

DES key expansion.

Definition at line 95 of file mschapv2.c.

Referenced by mschapv2_expand_hash().

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