ib_service.h File Reference

Infiniband service records. More...

#include <ipxe/infiniband.h>
#include <ipxe/ib_mi.h>

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struct ib_mad_transactionib_create_service_madx (struct ib_device *ibdev, struct ib_mad_interface *mi, const char *name, struct ib_mad_transaction_operations *op)
 Create service record management transaction. More...

Detailed Description

Infiniband service records.

Definition in file ib_service.h.

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◆ ib_create_service_madx()

struct ib_mad_transaction* ib_create_service_madx ( struct ib_device ibdev,
struct ib_mad_interface mi,
const char *  name,
struct ib_mad_transaction_operations op 

Create service record management transaction.

ibdevInfiniband device
miManagement interface
nameService name
opManagement transaction operations
Return values
madxManagement transaction, or NULL on error

Definition at line 49 of file ib_service.c.

51  {
52  union ib_mad mad;
53  struct ib_mad_sa *sa = &mad.sa;
54  struct ib_service_record *svc = &sa->sa_data.service_record;
56  /* Construct service record request */
57  memset ( sa, 0, sizeof ( *sa ) );
58  sa->mad_hdr.mgmt_class = IB_MGMT_CLASS_SUBN_ADM;
59  sa->mad_hdr.class_version = IB_SA_CLASS_VERSION;
60  sa->mad_hdr.method = IB_MGMT_METHOD_GET;
61  sa->mad_hdr.attr_id = htons ( IB_SA_ATTR_SERVICE_REC );
62  sa->sa_hdr.comp_mask[1] = htonl ( IB_SA_SERVICE_REC_NAME );
63  snprintf ( svc->name, sizeof ( svc->name ), "%s", name );
65  /* Create management transaction */
66  return ib_create_madx ( ibdev, mi, &mad, NULL, op );
67 }
Definition: ib_mad.h:207
Definition: ib_mad.h:569
const char * name
Definition: ath9k_hw.c:1984
char name[64]
Definition: ib_mad.h:233
#define htonl(value)
Definition: byteswap.h:133
struct ib_mad_transaction * ib_create_madx(struct ib_device *ibdev, struct ib_mad_interface *mi, union ib_mad *mad, struct ib_address_vector *av, struct ib_mad_transaction_operations *op)
Create management transaction.
Definition: ib_mi.c:287
struct sockaddr sa
Definition: syslog.c:55
struct ib_mad_sa sa
Definition: ib_mad.h:613
static uint16_t struct vmbus_xfer_pages_operations * op
Definition: netvsc.h:327
Definition: ib_mad.h:222
Definition: ib_mad.h:557
A management datagram.
Definition: ib_mad.h:610
Definition: ib_mad.h:240
int snprintf(char *buf, size_t size, const char *fmt,...)
Write a formatted string to a buffer.
Definition: vsprintf.c:382
#define NULL
NULL pointer (VOID *)
Definition: Base.h:321
A subnet administration MAD.
Definition: ib_mad.h:596
#define htons(value)
Definition: byteswap.h:135
union ib_mad mad
Definition: arbel.h:12
void * memset(void *dest, int character, size_t len) __nonnull

References htonl, htons, ib_create_madx(), IB_MGMT_CLASS_SUBN_ADM, IB_MGMT_METHOD_GET, IB_SA_ATTR_SERVICE_REC, IB_SA_CLASS_VERSION, IB_SA_SERVICE_REC_NAME, mad, memset(), ib_service_record::name, name, NULL, op, ib_mad::sa, sa, and snprintf().

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