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peermux.h File Reference

Peer Content Caching and Retrieval (PeerDist) protocol multiplexer. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include <ipxe/list.h>
#include <ipxe/refcnt.h>
#include <ipxe/interface.h>
#include <ipxe/process.h>
#include <ipxe/uri.h>
#include <ipxe/xferbuf.h>
#include <ipxe/pccrc.h>

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Data Structures

struct  peerdist_info_cache
 PeerDist download content information cache. More...
struct  peerdist_multiplexed_block
 A PeerDist multiplexed block download. More...
struct  peerdist_statistics
 PeerDist statistics. More...
struct  peerdist_multiplexer
 A PeerDist download multiplexer. More...


 Maximum number of concurrent block downloads. More...


int peermux_filter (struct interface *xfer, struct interface *info, struct uri *uri)
 Add PeerDist content-encoding filter. More...

Detailed Description

Peer Content Caching and Retrieval (PeerDist) protocol multiplexer.

Definition in file peermux.h.

Macro Definition Documentation



Maximum number of concurrent block downloads.

Definition at line 22 of file peermux.h.

Function Documentation



◆ peermux_filter()

int peermux_filter ( struct interface xfer,
struct interface info,
struct uri uri 

Add PeerDist content-encoding filter.

xferData transfer interface
infoContent information interface
uriOriginal URI
Return values
rcReturn status code

Definition at line 411 of file peermux.c.

412  {
413  struct peerdist_multiplexer *peermux;
414  struct peerdist_multiplexed_block *peermblk;
415  unsigned int i;
417  /* Allocate and initialise structure */
418  peermux = zalloc ( sizeof ( *peermux ) );
419  if ( ! peermux )
420  return -ENOMEM;
424  peermux->uri = uri_get ( uri );
426  &peermux->cache.info.raw.data );
428  &peermux->refcnt );
431  for ( i = 0 ; i < PEERMUX_MAX_BLOCKS ; i++ ) {
432  peermblk = &peermux->block[i];
433  peermblk->peermux = peermux;
434  list_add_tail ( &peermblk->list, &peermux->idle );
435  intf_init ( &peermblk->xfer, &peermux_block_desc,
436  &peermux->refcnt );
437  }
439  /* Attach to parent interfaces, mortalise self, and return */
442  ref_put ( &peermux->refcnt );
443  return 0;
444 }
u32 info
Definition: ar9003_mac.h:67
userptr_t data
Data buffer.
Definition: pccrc.h:303
static struct uri * uri_get(struct uri *uri)
Increment URI reference count.
Definition: uri.h:194
#define ref_init(refcnt, free)
Initialise a reference counter.
Definition: refcnt.h:64
void intf_plug_plug(struct interface *a, struct interface *b)
Plug two object interfaces together.
Definition: interface.c:107
A PeerDist multiplexed block download.
Definition: peermux.h:35
struct peerdist_info_cache cache
Content information cache.
Definition: peermux.h:68
struct peerdist_multiplexer * peermux
PeerDist download multiplexer.
Definition: peermux.h:37
static struct interface_descriptor peermux_info_desc
Content information interface descriptor.
Definition: peermux.c:378
A PeerDist download multiplexer.
Definition: peermux.h:55
#define ENOMEM
Not enough space.
Definition: errno.h:534
static void peermux_free(struct refcnt *refcnt)
Free PeerDist download multiplexer.
Definition: peermux.c:46
struct process process
Block download initiation process.
Definition: peermux.h:71
#define list_add_tail(new, head)
Add a new entry to the tail of a list.
Definition: list.h:93
static struct interface_descriptor peermux_block_desc
Block download data transfer interface descriptor.
Definition: peermux.c:395
void * zalloc(size_t size)
Allocate cleared memory.
Definition: malloc.c:624
struct list_head list
List of multiplexed blocks.
Definition: peermux.h:39
struct peerdist_multiplexed_block block[PEERMUX_MAX_BLOCKS]
Block downloads.
Definition: peermux.h:77
static void process_init_stopped(struct process *process, struct process_descriptor *desc, struct refcnt *refcnt)
Initialise process without adding to process list.
Definition: process.h:145
struct refcnt refcnt
Reference count.
Definition: peermux.h:57
struct interface xfer
Data transfer interface.
Definition: peermux.h:41
struct list_head idle
List of idle block downloads.
Definition: peermux.h:75
static void xferbuf_umalloc_init(struct xfer_buffer *xferbuf, userptr_t *data)
Initialise umalloc()-based data transfer buffer.
Definition: xferbuf.h:87
static struct process_descriptor peermux_process_desc
Block download initiation process descriptor.
Definition: peermux.c:400
#define INIT_LIST_HEAD(list)
Initialise a list head.
Definition: list.h:45
struct interface xfer
Data transfer interface.
Definition: peermux.h:59
static struct interface_descriptor peermux_xfer_desc
Data transfer interface descriptor.
Definition: peermux.c:365
struct list_head busy
List of busy block downloads.
Definition: peermux.h:73
A Uniform Resource Identifier.
Definition: uri.h:64
struct xfer_buffer buffer
Content information data transfer buffer.
Definition: peermux.h:66
Maximum number of concurrent block downloads.
Definition: peermux.h:22
struct peerdist_raw raw
Raw content information.
Definition: pccrc.h:319
struct interface info
Content information interface.
Definition: peermux.h:61
static void intf_init(struct interface *intf, struct interface_descriptor *desc, struct refcnt *refcnt)
Initialise an object interface.
Definition: interface.h:203
struct uri * uri
Original URI.
Definition: peermux.h:63
struct peerdist_info info
Content information.
Definition: peermux.h:27
#define ref_put(refcnt)
Drop reference to object.
Definition: refcnt.h:106

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Referenced by http_peerdist_init().