Data Fields
ath5k_capabilities Struct Reference

#include <ath5k.h>

Data Fields

u16 cap_mode
struct {
   u16   range_2ghz_min
   u16   range_2ghz_max
   u16   range_5ghz_min
   u16   range_5ghz_max
struct ath5k_eeprom_info cap_eeprom
struct {
   u8   q_tx_num

Detailed Description

Definition at line 910 of file ath5k.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cap_mode

u16 ath5k_capabilities::cap_mode

Definition at line 915 of file ath5k.h.

Referenced by ath5k_probe(), and ath5k_setup_bands().

◆ range_2ghz_min

u16 ath5k_capabilities::range_2ghz_min

Definition at line 921 of file ath5k.h.

◆ range_2ghz_max

u16 ath5k_capabilities::range_2ghz_max

Definition at line 922 of file ath5k.h.

◆ range_5ghz_min

u16 ath5k_capabilities::range_5ghz_min

Definition at line 923 of file ath5k.h.

◆ range_5ghz_max

u16 ath5k_capabilities::range_5ghz_max

Definition at line 924 of file ath5k.h.

◆ cap_range

struct { ... } ath5k_capabilities::cap_range

◆ cap_eeprom

struct ath5k_eeprom_info ath5k_capabilities::cap_eeprom

Definition at line 930 of file ath5k.h.

◆ q_tx_num

u8 ath5k_capabilities::q_tx_num

Definition at line 936 of file ath5k.h.

◆ cap_queues

struct { ... } ath5k_capabilities::cap_queues

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