Data Fields
ath9k_ops_config Struct Reference

#include <hw.h>

Data Fields

int dma_beacon_response_time
int sw_beacon_response_time
int additional_swba_backoff
int ack_6mb
u32 cwm_ignore_extcca
u8 pcie_powersave_enable
int pcieSerDesWrite
u8 pcie_clock_req
u32 pcie_waen
u8 analog_shiftreg
u8 paprd_disable
u32 ofdm_trig_low
u32 ofdm_trig_high
u32 cck_trig_high
u32 cck_trig_low
u32 enable_ani
int serialize_regmode
int rx_intr_mitigation
int tx_intr_mitigation
int spurmode
u16 spurchans [AR_EEPROM_MODAL_SPURS][2]
u8 max_txtrig_level
u16 ani_poll_interval

Detailed Description

Definition at line 215 of file hw.h.

Field Documentation

◆ dma_beacon_response_time

int ath9k_ops_config::dma_beacon_response_time

Definition at line 216 of file hw.h.

◆ sw_beacon_response_time

int ath9k_ops_config::sw_beacon_response_time

Definition at line 217 of file hw.h.

◆ additional_swba_backoff

int ath9k_ops_config::additional_swba_backoff

Definition at line 218 of file hw.h.

◆ ack_6mb

int ath9k_ops_config::ack_6mb

Definition at line 219 of file hw.h.

◆ cwm_ignore_extcca

u32 ath9k_ops_config::cwm_ignore_extcca

Definition at line 220 of file hw.h.

◆ pcie_powersave_enable

u8 ath9k_ops_config::pcie_powersave_enable

Definition at line 221 of file hw.h.

◆ pcieSerDesWrite

int ath9k_ops_config::pcieSerDesWrite

Definition at line 222 of file hw.h.

◆ pcie_clock_req

u8 ath9k_ops_config::pcie_clock_req

Definition at line 223 of file hw.h.

◆ pcie_waen

u32 ath9k_ops_config::pcie_waen

Definition at line 224 of file hw.h.

◆ analog_shiftreg

u8 ath9k_ops_config::analog_shiftreg

Definition at line 225 of file hw.h.

◆ paprd_disable

u8 ath9k_ops_config::paprd_disable

Definition at line 226 of file hw.h.

◆ ofdm_trig_low

u32 ath9k_ops_config::ofdm_trig_low

Definition at line 227 of file hw.h.

◆ ofdm_trig_high

u32 ath9k_ops_config::ofdm_trig_high

Definition at line 228 of file hw.h.

◆ cck_trig_high

u32 ath9k_ops_config::cck_trig_high

Definition at line 229 of file hw.h.

◆ cck_trig_low

u32 ath9k_ops_config::cck_trig_low

Definition at line 230 of file hw.h.

◆ enable_ani

u32 ath9k_ops_config::enable_ani

Definition at line 231 of file hw.h.

Referenced by ath_ani_calibrate().

◆ serialize_regmode

int ath9k_ops_config::serialize_regmode

Definition at line 232 of file hw.h.

◆ rx_intr_mitigation

int ath9k_ops_config::rx_intr_mitigation

Definition at line 233 of file hw.h.

◆ tx_intr_mitigation

int ath9k_ops_config::tx_intr_mitigation

Definition at line 234 of file hw.h.

◆ spurmode

int ath9k_ops_config::spurmode

Definition at line 245 of file hw.h.

◆ spurchans

u16 ath9k_ops_config::spurchans[AR_EEPROM_MODAL_SPURS][2]

Definition at line 246 of file hw.h.

◆ max_txtrig_level

u8 ath9k_ops_config::max_txtrig_level

Definition at line 247 of file hw.h.

◆ ani_poll_interval

u16 ath9k_ops_config::ani_poll_interval

Definition at line 248 of file hw.h.

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