Data Fields
golan Struct Reference

#include <golan.h>

Data Fields

struct pci_devicepci
struct golan_hca_init_segiseg
struct golan_cmdq_md cmd
struct golan_hca_cap caps
struct golan_mboxes mboxes
struct list_head pages
uint32_t cmd_bm
uint32_t total_dma_pages
struct golan_uar uar
struct golan_event_queue eq
uint32_t pdn
u32 mkey
u32 flags
struct golan_port ports [GOLAN_MAX_PORTS]
struct golan_firmware_area fw_areas [GOLAN_FW_AREAS_NUM]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 323 of file golan.h.

Field Documentation

◆ pci

struct pci_device* golan::pci

◆ iseg

struct golan_hca_init_seg* golan::iseg

◆ cmd

struct golan_cmdq_md golan::cmd

Definition at line 326 of file golan.h.

Referenced by get_cmd(), golan_cmd_init(), and golan_cmd_uninit().

◆ caps

struct golan_hca_cap golan::caps

◆ mboxes

struct golan_mboxes golan::mboxes

Definition at line 328 of file golan.h.

Referenced by golan_cmd_init(), and golan_cmd_uninit().

◆ pages

struct list_head golan::pages

Definition at line 329 of file golan.h.

◆ cmd_bm

uint32_t golan::cmd_bm

Definition at line 330 of file golan.h.

Referenced by golan_cmd_wait(), send_command(), and write_cmd().

◆ total_dma_pages

uint32_t golan::total_dma_pages

Definition at line 331 of file golan.h.

Referenced by golan_handle_pages(), and golan_provide_pages().

◆ uar

struct golan_uar golan::uar

◆ eq

struct golan_event_queue golan::eq

Definition at line 333 of file golan.h.

Referenced by golan_create_cq(), golan_create_eq(), golan_destory_eq(), and golan_poll_eq().

◆ pdn

uint32_t golan::pdn

Definition at line 334 of file golan.h.

Referenced by golan_alloc_pd(), golan_create_mkey(), golan_create_qp_aux(), and golan_dealloc_pd().

◆ mkey

u32 golan::mkey

Definition at line 335 of file golan.h.

Referenced by golan_create_mkey(), golan_destroy_mkey(), golan_post_recv(), and golan_post_send().

◆ flags

u32 golan::flags

Definition at line 336 of file golan.h.

Referenced by golan_bring_down(), and golan_bring_up().

◆ utils

mlx_utils* golan::utils

Definition at line 337 of file golan.h.

Referenced by golan_probe_normal(), golan_remove_normal(), and golan_set_link_speed().

◆ ports

struct golan_port golan::ports[GOLAN_MAX_PORTS]

Definition at line 339 of file golan.h.

Referenced by golan_handle_port_event(), golan_probe_normal(), and golan_remove_normal().

◆ fw_areas

struct golan_firmware_area golan::fw_areas[GOLAN_FW_AREAS_NUM]

Definition at line 341 of file golan.h.

Referenced by golan_free_fw_areas(), golan_handle_pages(), and golan_init_fw_areas().

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