Data Fields
myri10ge_private Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct myri10ge_dma_buffersdma
uint32 transmit_ring_wrap
uint32 transmits_posted
uint32 transmits_done
struct io_buffertransmit_iob [1+MYRI10GE_TRANSMIT_WRAP]
unsigned int receive_post_ring_wrap
unsigned int receives_posted
unsigned int receives_done
struct io_bufferreceive_iob [1+MYRI10GE_RECEIVE_WRAP]
struct nvs_device nvs
struct nvo_block nvo
unsigned int nvo_registered
uint8 pci_cap_vs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 142 of file myri10ge.c.

Field Documentation

◆ irq_claim

uint32* myri10ge_private::irq_claim

Definition at line 146 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ irq_deassert

uint32* myri10ge_private::irq_deassert

Definition at line 147 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ dma

struct myri10ge_dma_buffers* myri10ge_private::dma

Definition at line 151 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ transmit_ring

mcp_kreq_ether_send_t* myri10ge_private::transmit_ring

Definition at line 160 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ transmit_ring_wrap

uint32 myri10ge_private::transmit_ring_wrap

Definition at line 161 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ transmits_posted

uint32 myri10ge_private::transmits_posted

Definition at line 162 of file myri10ge.c.

Referenced by myri10ge_net_transmit().

◆ transmits_done

uint32 myri10ge_private::transmits_done

Definition at line 163 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ transmit_iob

struct io_buffer* myri10ge_private::transmit_iob[1+MYRI10GE_TRANSMIT_WRAP]

Definition at line 164 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ receive_post_ring

mcp_kreq_ether_recv_t* myri10ge_private::receive_post_ring

Definition at line 170 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ receive_post_ring_wrap

unsigned int myri10ge_private::receive_post_ring_wrap

Definition at line 171 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ receives_posted

unsigned int myri10ge_private::receives_posted

Definition at line 172 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ receives_done

unsigned int myri10ge_private::receives_done

Definition at line 173 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ receive_iob

struct io_buffer* myri10ge_private::receive_iob[1+MYRI10GE_RECEIVE_WRAP]

Definition at line 174 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ command

mcp_cmd_t* myri10ge_private::command

Definition at line 179 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ nvs

struct nvs_device myri10ge_private::nvs

Definition at line 185 of file myri10ge.c.

Referenced by myri10ge_nvs_read(), and myri10ge_nvs_write().

◆ nvo

struct nvo_block myri10ge_private::nvo

Definition at line 186 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ nvo_registered

unsigned int myri10ge_private::nvo_registered

Definition at line 187 of file myri10ge.c.

◆ pci_cap_vs

uint8 myri10ge_private::pci_cap_vs

Definition at line 191 of file myri10ge.c.

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