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pcnet32_private Struct Reference

#include <pcnet32.h>

Public Member Functions

struct pcnet32_init_block init_block __attribute__ ((aligned(32)))

Data Fields

struct pci_devicepci_dev
struct net_devicenetdev
struct io_bufferrx_iobuf [RX_RING_SIZE]
struct io_buffertx_iobuf [TX_RING_SIZE]
struct pcnet32_rx_descrx_base
struct pcnet32_tx_desctx_base
uint32_t rx_curr
uint32_t tx_curr
uint32_t tx_tail
uint32_t tx_fill_ctr
struct pcnet32_accessa
int options
unsigned int mii:1
unsigned int full_duplex:1
unsigned short chip_version
char irq_enabled

Detailed Description

Definition at line 127 of file pcnet32.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ __attribute__()

struct pcnet32_init_block init_block pcnet32_private::__attribute__ ( (aligned(32))  )

Field Documentation

◆ pci_dev

struct pci_device* pcnet32_private::pci_dev

Definition at line 129 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ netdev

struct net_device* pcnet32_private::netdev

Definition at line 130 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ rx_iobuf

struct io_buffer* pcnet32_private::rx_iobuf[RX_RING_SIZE]

Definition at line 132 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ tx_iobuf

struct io_buffer* pcnet32_private::tx_iobuf[TX_RING_SIZE]

Definition at line 133 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ rx_base

struct pcnet32_rx_desc* pcnet32_private::rx_base

Definition at line 135 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ tx_base

struct pcnet32_tx_desc* pcnet32_private::tx_base

Definition at line 136 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ rx_curr

uint32_t pcnet32_private::rx_curr

Definition at line 137 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ tx_curr

uint32_t pcnet32_private::tx_curr

Definition at line 138 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ tx_tail

uint32_t pcnet32_private::tx_tail

Definition at line 139 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ tx_fill_ctr

uint32_t pcnet32_private::tx_fill_ctr

Definition at line 140 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ a

struct pcnet32_access* pcnet32_private::a

Definition at line 142 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ options

int pcnet32_private::options

Definition at line 143 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ mii

unsigned int pcnet32_private::mii

Definition at line 144 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ full_duplex

unsigned int pcnet32_private::full_duplex

Definition at line 144 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ chip_version

unsigned short pcnet32_private::chip_version

Definition at line 147 of file pcnet32.h.

◆ irq_enabled

char pcnet32_private::irq_enabled

Definition at line 149 of file pcnet32.h.

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