Data Fields
sis190_private Struct Reference

#include <sis190.h>

Data Fields

void * mmio_addr
struct pci_devicepci_device
struct net_devicedev
u32 cur_rx
u32 cur_tx
u32 dirty_rx
u32 dirty_tx
u32 rx_dma
u32 tx_dma
struct RxDescRxDescRing
struct TxDescTxDescRing
struct io_bufferRx_iobuf [NUM_RX_DESC]
struct io_bufferTx_iobuf [NUM_TX_DESC]
struct mii_if_info mii_if
struct list_head first_phy
u32 features

Detailed Description

Definition at line 250 of file sis190.h.

Field Documentation

◆ mmio_addr

void* sis190_private::mmio_addr

Definition at line 251 of file sis190.h.

◆ pci_device

struct pci_device* sis190_private::pci_device

Definition at line 252 of file sis190.h.

◆ dev

struct net_device* sis190_private::dev

◆ cur_rx

u32 sis190_private::cur_rx

Definition at line 254 of file sis190.h.

◆ cur_tx

u32 sis190_private::cur_tx

Definition at line 255 of file sis190.h.

◆ dirty_rx

u32 sis190_private::dirty_rx

Definition at line 256 of file sis190.h.

◆ dirty_tx

u32 sis190_private::dirty_tx

Definition at line 257 of file sis190.h.

◆ rx_dma

u32 sis190_private::rx_dma

Definition at line 258 of file sis190.h.

◆ tx_dma

u32 sis190_private::tx_dma

Definition at line 259 of file sis190.h.

◆ RxDescRing

struct RxDesc* sis190_private::RxDescRing

Definition at line 260 of file sis190.h.

◆ TxDescRing

struct TxDesc* sis190_private::TxDescRing

Definition at line 261 of file sis190.h.

◆ Rx_iobuf

struct io_buffer* sis190_private::Rx_iobuf[NUM_RX_DESC]

Definition at line 262 of file sis190.h.

◆ Tx_iobuf

struct io_buffer* sis190_private::Tx_iobuf[NUM_TX_DESC]

Definition at line 263 of file sis190.h.

◆ mii_if

struct mii_if_info sis190_private::mii_if

Definition at line 264 of file sis190.h.

◆ first_phy

struct list_head sis190_private::first_phy

Definition at line 265 of file sis190.h.

◆ features

u32 sis190_private::features

Definition at line 266 of file sis190.h.

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