Data Fields
sky2_hw Struct Reference

#include <sky2.h>

Data Fields

unsigned long regs
struct pci_devicepdev
struct net_devicedev [2]
unsigned long flags
u8 chip_id
u8 chip_rev
u8 pmd_type
u8 ports
struct sky2_status_lest_le
u32 st_idx
u32 st_dma

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2066 of file sky2.h.

Field Documentation

◆ regs

unsigned long sky2_hw::regs

Definition at line 2067 of file sky2.h.

◆ pdev

struct pci_device* sky2_hw::pdev

Definition at line 2068 of file sky2.h.

Referenced by receive_new(), sky2_probe(), and sky2_remove().

◆ dev

struct net_device* sky2_hw::dev[2]

Definition at line 2069 of file sky2.h.

Referenced by sky2_down(), sky2_probe(), and sky2_up().

◆ flags

unsigned long sky2_hw::flags

Definition at line 2070 of file sky2.h.

Referenced by sky2_rx_alloc().

◆ chip_id

u8 sky2_hw::chip_id

Definition at line 2080 of file sky2.h.

Referenced by sky2_receive().

◆ chip_rev

u8 sky2_hw::chip_rev

Definition at line 2081 of file sky2.h.

Referenced by sky2_receive().

◆ pmd_type

u8 sky2_hw::pmd_type

Definition at line 2082 of file sky2.h.

◆ ports

u8 sky2_hw::ports

Definition at line 2083 of file sky2.h.

◆ st_le

struct sky2_status_le* sky2_hw::st_le

Definition at line 2085 of file sky2.h.

◆ st_idx

u32 sky2_hw::st_idx

Definition at line 2086 of file sky2.h.

◆ st_dma

u32 sky2_hw::st_dma

Definition at line 2087 of file sky2.h.

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