Data Fields
ar5416AniState Struct Reference

#include <ani.h>

Data Fields

struct ath9k_channelc
u8 noiseImmunityLevel
u8 ofdmNoiseImmunityLevel
u8 cckNoiseImmunityLevel
int ofdmsTurn
u8 mrcCCKOff
u8 spurImmunityLevel
u8 firstepLevel
u8 ofdmWeakSigDetect
u8 cckWeakSigThreshold
u32 listenTime
int32_t rssiThrLow
int32_t rssiThrHigh
u32 noiseFloor
u32 ofdmPhyErrCount
u32 cckPhyErrCount
int16_t pktRssi [2]
int16_t ofdmErrRssi [2]
int16_t cckErrRssi [2]
struct ath9k_ani_default iniDef

Detailed Description

Definition at line 119 of file ani.h.

Field Documentation

◆ c

struct ath9k_channel* ar5416AniState::c

Definition at line 120 of file ani.h.

◆ noiseImmunityLevel

u8 ar5416AniState::noiseImmunityLevel

◆ ofdmNoiseImmunityLevel

u8 ar5416AniState::ofdmNoiseImmunityLevel

◆ cckNoiseImmunityLevel

u8 ar5416AniState::cckNoiseImmunityLevel

◆ ofdmsTurn

int ar5416AniState::ofdmsTurn

Definition at line 124 of file ani.h.

Referenced by ath9k_hw_ani_init(), ath9k_hw_ani_lower_immunity(), and ath9k_hw_ani_monitor().

◆ mrcCCKOff

u8 ar5416AniState::mrcCCKOff

◆ spurImmunityLevel

u8 ar5416AniState::spurImmunityLevel

◆ firstepLevel

u8 ar5416AniState::firstepLevel

◆ ofdmWeakSigDetect

u8 ar5416AniState::ofdmWeakSigDetect

◆ cckWeakSigThreshold

u8 ar5416AniState::cckWeakSigThreshold

Definition at line 129 of file ani.h.

Referenced by ar5008_hw_ani_control_old(), ath9k_ani_reset_old(), and ath9k_hw_ani_init().

◆ listenTime

u32 ar5416AniState::listenTime

◆ rssiThrLow

int32_t ar5416AniState::rssiThrLow

◆ rssiThrHigh

int32_t ar5416AniState::rssiThrHigh

◆ noiseFloor

u32 ar5416AniState::noiseFloor

Definition at line 133 of file ani.h.

Referenced by ath9k_hw_set_cck_nil(), and ath9k_hw_set_ofdm_nil().

◆ ofdmPhyErrCount

u32 ar5416AniState::ofdmPhyErrCount

◆ cckPhyErrCount

u32 ar5416AniState::cckPhyErrCount

◆ pktRssi

int16_t ar5416AniState::pktRssi[2]

Definition at line 136 of file ani.h.

◆ ofdmErrRssi

int16_t ar5416AniState::ofdmErrRssi[2]

Definition at line 137 of file ani.h.

◆ cckErrRssi

int16_t ar5416AniState::cckErrRssi[2]

Definition at line 138 of file ani.h.

◆ iniDef

struct ath9k_ani_default ar5416AniState::iniDef

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