Data Fields
ar9300_modal_eep_header Struct Reference

#include <ar9003_eeprom.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t antCtrlCommon
uint32_t antCtrlCommon2
uint16_t antCtrlChain [AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]
u8 xatten1DB [AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]
u8 xatten1Margin [AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]
int8_t tempSlope
int8_t voltSlope
int8_t noiseFloorThreshCh [AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]
u8 ob [AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]
u8 db_stage2 [AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]
u8 db_stage3 [AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]
u8 db_stage4 [AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]
u8 xpaBiasLvl
u8 txFrameToDataStart
u8 txFrameToPaOn
u8 txClip
int8_t antennaGain
u8 switchSettling
int8_t adcDesiredSize
u8 txEndToXpaOff
u8 txEndToRxOn
u8 txFrameToXpaOn
u8 thresh62
uint32_t papdRateMaskHt20
uint32_t papdRateMaskHt40
u8 futureModal [10]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 205 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

Field Documentation

◆ antCtrlCommon

uint32_t ar9300_modal_eep_header::antCtrlCommon

Definition at line 207 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

Referenced by ar9003_hw_ant_ctrl_common_get().

◆ antCtrlCommon2

uint32_t ar9300_modal_eep_header::antCtrlCommon2

Definition at line 209 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

Referenced by ar9003_hw_ant_ctrl_common_2_get().

◆ antCtrlChain

uint16_t ar9300_modal_eep_header::antCtrlChain[AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]

Definition at line 211 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

Referenced by ar9003_hw_ant_ctrl_chain_get().

◆ xatten1DB

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::xatten1DB[AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]

Definition at line 213 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

Referenced by ar9003_hw_atten_chain_get().

◆ xatten1Margin

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::xatten1Margin[AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]

Definition at line 215 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

Referenced by ar9003_hw_atten_chain_get_margin().

◆ tempSlope

int8_t ar9300_modal_eep_header::tempSlope

Definition at line 216 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

Referenced by ar9003_hw_power_control_override().

◆ voltSlope

int8_t ar9300_modal_eep_header::voltSlope

Definition at line 217 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ spurChans

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::spurChans[AR_EEPROM_MODAL_SPURS]

Definition at line 219 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

Referenced by ar9003_get_spur_chan_ptr(), and ar9003_hw_spur_mitigate_ofdm().

◆ noiseFloorThreshCh

int8_t ar9300_modal_eep_header::noiseFloorThreshCh[AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]

Definition at line 221 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ ob

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::ob[AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]

Definition at line 222 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ db_stage2

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::db_stage2[AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]

Definition at line 223 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ db_stage3

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::db_stage3[AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]

Definition at line 224 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ db_stage4

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::db_stage4[AR9300_MAX_CHAINS]

Definition at line 225 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ xpaBiasLvl

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::xpaBiasLvl

Definition at line 226 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

Referenced by ar9003_hw_xpa_bias_level_get().

◆ txFrameToDataStart

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::txFrameToDataStart

Definition at line 227 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ txFrameToPaOn

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::txFrameToPaOn

Definition at line 228 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ txClip

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::txClip

Definition at line 229 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ antennaGain

int8_t ar9300_modal_eep_header::antennaGain

Definition at line 230 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

Referenced by ar9003_hw_set_power_per_rate_table().

◆ switchSettling

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::switchSettling

Definition at line 231 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ adcDesiredSize

int8_t ar9300_modal_eep_header::adcDesiredSize

Definition at line 232 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ txEndToXpaOff

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::txEndToXpaOff

Definition at line 233 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ txEndToRxOn

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::txEndToRxOn

Definition at line 234 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ txFrameToXpaOn

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::txFrameToXpaOn

Definition at line 235 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ thresh62

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::thresh62

Definition at line 236 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

◆ papdRateMaskHt20

uint32_t ar9300_modal_eep_header::papdRateMaskHt20

Definition at line 237 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

Referenced by ar9003_get_paprd_scale_factor(), and ath9k_hw_ar9300_set_txpower().

◆ papdRateMaskHt40

uint32_t ar9300_modal_eep_header::papdRateMaskHt40

Definition at line 238 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

Referenced by ar9003_get_paprd_scale_factor(), and ath9k_hw_ar9300_set_txpower().

◆ futureModal

u8 ar9300_modal_eep_header::futureModal[10]

Definition at line 239 of file ar9003_eeprom.h.

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