Data Fields
ath_common Struct Reference

#include <ath.h>

Data Fields

void * ah
void * priv
struct net80211_devicedev
int debug_mask
enum ath_device_state state
struct ath_ani ani
u16 cachelsz
u16 curaid
u8 macaddr [ETH_ALEN]
u8 curbssid [ETH_ALEN]
u8 bssidmask [ETH_ALEN]
u8 tx_chainmask
u8 rx_chainmask
u32 rx_bufsize
u32 keymax
enum ath_crypt_caps crypt_caps
unsigned int clockrate
struct ath_cycle_counters cc_ani
struct ath_cycle_counters cc_survey
struct ath_regulatory regulatory
const struct ath_opsops
const struct ath_bus_opsbus_ops
int btcoex_enabled

Detailed Description

Definition at line 194 of file ath.h.

Field Documentation

◆ ah

void* ath_common::ah

Definition at line 195 of file ath.h.

◆ priv

void* ath_common::priv

Definition at line 196 of file ath.h.

◆ dev

struct net80211_device* ath_common::dev

Definition at line 197 of file ath.h.

Referenced by ath9k_bss_info_changed(), and ath9k_poll().

◆ debug_mask

int ath_common::debug_mask

Definition at line 198 of file ath.h.

◆ state

enum ath_device_state ath_common::state

Definition at line 199 of file ath.h.

◆ ani

struct ath_ani ath_common::ani

Definition at line 201 of file ath.h.

◆ cachelsz

u16 ath_common::cachelsz

Definition at line 203 of file ath.h.

◆ curaid

u16 ath_common::curaid

Definition at line 204 of file ath.h.

◆ macaddr

u8 ath_common::macaddr[ETH_ALEN]

Definition at line 205 of file ath.h.

◆ curbssid

u8 ath_common::curbssid[ETH_ALEN]

Definition at line 206 of file ath.h.

◆ bssidmask

u8 ath_common::bssidmask[ETH_ALEN]

Definition at line 207 of file ath.h.

◆ tx_chainmask

u8 ath_common::tx_chainmask

Definition at line 209 of file ath.h.

Referenced by ath9k_hw_fill_cap_info().

◆ rx_chainmask

u8 ath_common::rx_chainmask

Definition at line 210 of file ath.h.

Referenced by ath9k_hw_fill_cap_info().

◆ rx_bufsize

u32 ath_common::rx_bufsize

Definition at line 212 of file ath.h.

◆ keymax

u32 ath_common::keymax

Definition at line 214 of file ath.h.

◆ crypt_caps

enum ath_crypt_caps ath_common::crypt_caps

Definition at line 215 of file ath.h.

◆ clockrate

unsigned int ath_common::clockrate

Definition at line 217 of file ath.h.

◆ cc_ani

struct ath_cycle_counters ath_common::cc_ani

Definition at line 219 of file ath.h.

◆ cc_survey

struct ath_cycle_counters ath_common::cc_survey

Definition at line 220 of file ath.h.

◆ regulatory

struct ath_regulatory ath_common::regulatory

Definition at line 222 of file ath.h.

Referenced by ath9k_hw_fill_cap_info(), and ath9k_hw_regulatory().

◆ ops

const struct ath_ops* ath_common::ops

Definition at line 223 of file ath.h.

◆ bus_ops

const struct ath_bus_ops* ath_common::bus_ops

Definition at line 224 of file ath.h.

Referenced by ath9k_init_softc().

◆ btcoex_enabled

int ath_common::btcoex_enabled

Definition at line 226 of file ath.h.

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